Thursday, August 30, 2007

Footprints On The Moon

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Without an atmosphere, the moon hasn't any erosion, save for debris tossed about by meteor strikes, and volcanic activity, which means if one steps on the moon and leaves a footprint, it will stay there undisturbed pretty much forever.

Contemplating this, I've thought if aliens ever did visit the earth, they have visited the moon too, and if they walked about there, they would have left footprints.

Now and then there is a lot of excitement over finding really old human footprints fossilize in stone. Dinosaurs too, but they're of a different epoch. Fossils are natural souvenirs--memories.

It's said we actually remember every little thing, we just are limited in being able to recall things. Some have photographic memories, and others, well it's a struggle, and senior moments abound! But our memory is like the surface of the moon, I suspect, something imprinted is unaffected by an "atmosphere". There's no erosion.

Thinking on this makes me wonder if there could be alien "footprints" in our collective memory!!

I dont know if the the collective memory even exists, or if our individual experiences and thoughts are added to it. But if it does, it would be like the moon.


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August 30, 2007

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