Friday, August 3, 2007

Fractal Fabric

Where pic is from...

Well, I was thinking of the Plush Toy post of yesterday sitting on the bus while an effort was made to chase a bee out side with a rolled up Park newspaper. The thought was to get the bee to walk on to the paper, and then carry the paper outside. I do that all the time. But sometimes the effort fails, the bee stubbornly kept trying to fly out the ceiling skylight, and then got swatted, fell to the floor wounded, and then stepped on. "Five hundred dollar fine!" And sardonic laughter. "Oh, the cruelty." I added, smiling.

The adventures of Wily Coyote and the Road Runner are funny, and there was something of that amusement. They were teenage boys.

Animals aren't plush toys, nor cartoon characters.

I don't know sometimes if my thoughts are sticking together...but the thought I had was...'Someday the life of the bee would no more be taken than a concert professional orchestra musician miss a note.'

Then I got to thinking about "fractal fabric" and that lettuce, or cabbage, that looks just like a fractal...I'll go find that.

Maverick movie is on...I used to try to play the old Maverick theme fooling around during band and orchestra practice.

This to say even the smallest acts have correspondences...a thought path that leads to the disciplines of Tibetan Buddhists, some of which the Chinese have tossed into the clink today.
"As flies to wanton boys...."
As flies to wanton boys, are we to the gods, —They kill us for their sport.
Gloucester, scene i King Lear

Tree in the Door
August 4, 2007

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