Monday, August 20, 2007


Not much on when I came home...I cant follow The Company...and I didn't think of much today...oh I did...but it's kinda elaborate...lemethink.... Well, Larry King's doing an Elvis show.... Our culture made Elvis, and Elvis made our culture...American culture, and it's worldwide spread. But Elvis is flesh and blood like anyone, this too say we all have a natural being, or culture, which is our bodies, and everything that goes with them. Culture is all wrapped up with language. I've thought passports should just say what language, or languages you speak...which goes into my old idea of LanguageNations. Here in the Tree in the Door I deal with my culture, my LanguageNation, TV!, over in Fauna and Flora it's what I call The Language of the Trees...actually Robert Graves called it that. Nature is a LanguageNation older than humanity.
Well, I missposted that and had to cut and paste it and there it is all stuck together!
Anyway, it's curios that I walk quiet on my walks out back, and look forward to seeing what the critters are up too, or what stage the plants are in their growth.
When I come home from work I flop on my bunk, turn the TV on, and hop about the channels.
I think on this a has ins and outs difficult to articulate!!
Lemesee if I can find Graves "Close observation of Nature..."
Well, that quote is in the intro to The White Goddess. It's a poets task to observe nature and add to a storehouse of lore.
Surprising the numbers on the web who quote Graves for one purpose or another.
A guided tour of the King's mansion...
Tree in the Door
August 18, 2007

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