Thursday, August 16, 2007

Salisbury Hill

Pic is John Constable's Salisbury Cathedral

quote from Peter Gabriel's song Solsbury Hill

I was feeling part of the scenery
I walked right out of the machinery


I keep taking the same songs along on my hikes. I have a couple of the little mp3 players, and I listen to them in the tent waiting for sleep (it takes awhile in an unfamiliar place on the ground!!). This one always goes along.

Full lyrics and commentary can be found at Songfacts, which is very cool site.

And another quote from Wordworth's poem Salisbury Plain

Hard is the life when naked and unhouzed
And wasted by the long day's fruitless pains,
The hungry savage, 'mid deep forests, rouzed
By storms, lies down at night on unknown plains
And lifts his head in fear, while famished trains
Of boars along the crashing forests prowl,
And heard in darkness, as the rushing rains
Put out his watch-fire, bears contending growl
And round his fenceless bed gaunt wolves in armies howl.


sheesh! But soons as I can figure it out I'll take along some digital books.

CNN is covering the mining disaster, which in itself is a kinda disaster.

Tree in the Door
August 16, 2007

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