Friday, August 24, 2007

God's Warrior Angels

The remake movie of The Time Machine was on when I came home...the scene in the cavern when the villain is explaining the future's history after the moon fell..the morlocks evolved underground and self genetically engineered themselves into a cast hierarchy...the villain in control of it all.

Next movie was Reign of Fire, about the dragons that come out of a mine and devastate everything..."Only one species will survive..."

Ah...melodrama...but something of yesterday's ideas are in that cast society India they had casts.

The metaphysisists chart a hierarchy of four kingdoms..mineral, plant, animal, human...some add a fifth...angels..the kingdom of heaven.

And consciousness evolves through the kingdoms. I'm not sure they understand how slow evolution could spend a long time as a piece of granite.

The first four are interdependent, and here on wonders what, if any, dependency the kingdom of heaven has on the earthly ones...Charmed seems to be trying to sort it out!!

I kind of left out the mineral kingdom yesterday...

And God's Warriors of course are the angels that engage in the end time war in heaven. One painting I've seen has them slaughtering the devil's cohorts with an implacable serene expression.

On CNN Nicole gets 82 minutes in the hoosegow... evolution can be shortened it seems!!

Back to the big dragons and big music!!

Tree in the Door
August 23, 2007

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