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Well, it's a shame that I study out a religious group because it's in the war news. Never heard of them before, but after reading wikipedia's take, I'm struck by the the center of their faith are seven angels, which harks back in the blog here to my interest in the hierarchy of angels...see Seven Sleepers posts.

I don't understand how such elaborated explanations of things, the descent from Adam, rather than Eve, or Adam And Eve, gets passed down from generation to generation for centuries. There is a puzzle in this.

And the connection to the Sufis is a puzzle. My poetry teacher was a Sufi. At the least he wrote a couple little books about them, Another Way of Laughter, and ...I forget the other one, it was about Nasrudin.

I've followed the war news with some trepidation for the Sufis. But have learned too, in reading about old war in Chechnya, that they're no strangers to war, and take to it like fish to water as everyone else does!!

And this new horror seems to have come about as a vendetta. The Yazidi, members anyway, stoned a young girl for falling in love with a Muslim and converting to Islam. Now, in a dual purpose, Al Quida has blown up a great many Yazidi. What next!? They're all capable of mythologizing this and making a perpetual vendetta that will last till doomesday. Which the way things are going isn't far off!!

It's become a war of irreconcilables, to use Newt's term...

Another curio is Gurdjieff, who wrote a book called Meetings with Remarkable Men a long time ago, and it was made into a curious movie. I didn't know the movie was made from his book, as I liked the movie, but dont like him!! His book was partly based on the Yazidi, according to Wiki.

I tied in Gurdjieff with jfk lore, though at moment I cant recall how...something to do with art and color theory and Mary Meyer...who dabbled in colorist art.

It's remarkable the number of exhibits, threads, I've posted over in jfk, whithout really knowing what whole cloth and fabric they belong too.

Everything is in fragments, snips of thread.
Illustration is one of the Yazidi angels.
Peacocks are cool. We had a pair for pets. To see them fly is remarkable. They look like angels. One was hit by a car, and the other stopped coming around.
Considering the carnage on the highway, one would think cars would be the object of vendettas.
I wonder what the media journalists are doing googling up Yazidi?? It was just a matter of time before the conflict introduced Americans to the hodgepodge of faiths over there.

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August 15, 2007

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