Friday, August 3, 2007

Plush Toys

Pic is Vogelsang from last summer.

Out front two days ago a dead ground squirrel and a crow pecking at it. "Euu", the comment from the tourist spectators.

The animals are charming, and the toys of them too.

Jay Lo in a police story. She's a cop. I think it's Jay Lo. A tough cop.

Maybe we should all be tough.

But, for the most part the people I know are all very gentile. And polite.

The night the war started in Iraq, I thought along these lines. My class mates are too gentile for all this, I thought. Some were in their sixties and seventies.

An eighty year old has gotten lost up at Vogelsang. Posted on the Food Court doorways. Every season a couple of these lost hiker things happen.

A few Iraqi vets are among the employees now, and they are gentile and polite.

Monday on my days off I thought to be going near Vogelsang, near Mt. Florence. They want volunteers to search.

Jay Lo's new boyfriend, something of a mystery, plays the trumpet she's learning. I played the trumpet!!

Some guys have all the luck...

Tree in the Door
August 2, 2007

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