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The Long War

The politicians would seem desperated to articualte what were fighting over there, and here when they from over there infiltrate.

As evidence of the seriousness they bring up the atrocities, and the rants of intellectual demogogs.

Newt Gingrich is reiterating the concept of "The Long War Against The Irreconcilable Wing Of Islam".

First I heard of it was on CNN news last night during an interview. I thought he said something about "irreconcilable muslims" too.

Well, I find it all pretty unconvincing. America has enemies, and I'm not sure why that needs such an elaboration.

In 2005 he wrote up a manifesto of sorts that lists the grievances and threats and one of them was EMP, electromagnetic pulse. This is what happens when an atomic bomb is exploded high up. Simply put, it overloads electrical devicies, like computers, and renders them broken.

I mention this as I read an old spy novel while camped at Parker Pass and the crux of the plot was a scheme by the villians to explode an atomic bomb over the middle of the US and create and electromagnetic pulse. I was so intrigued by it that I did up post to jfk. I'll go retrieve that and post it here.


For forty years Western intelligence agents have known a terrible secret: the Russians have a mole--code-named Talbot--inside the CIA. At first Talbot is suspected of killing European agents. Then a street- smart ex-cop uncovers a storm of espionage and murder on the streets of New York, while in a Long Island suburb a civic demonstration against the Russian mission masks a desperate duel of nerves and wits. Engineered by Talbot, a shadow world of suspicion and deceit is spilling onto the streets--leading to a new Soviet weapon and a first- strike war plan threatening the foundations of American government. For the U.S., time is running out. For Talbot, the time is now.
The Talbot Odyssey (Mass Market Paperback) by Nelson DeMille

There's some odd things in this book, a work of fiction. The one that brought me to post here was that it says the Soviets had an obsession with the number three, which recalled for me some of the discussion about Oswald's preoccupation with threes, as told by Priscilla. In the book, the Soviets (book was written in 1984) make three different plots to first strike the US.
I haven't finished the book yet! A friend loaned it to me and I took it along on a hike to Parker Pass, which I found exhausting having a bit of stomach flu. Most of the afternoon and into the night I just lay in my tent and read. Nothing but rock and a blanket of stars and this odd book!!
The other oddities: Arrows and "Empire State Building" on the sidewalks of New York point the direction for tourists to the Empire State Building. The sidewalk signs had been graffitied with "ground zero".
Another oddity, Talbot is a code name taken from an actor in a werewolf movie. The villainous plot has the code name "wolf" or "wolfbane". I can think of at least four other fiction works that have "wolf" as a code name for a plot, or plotter...I watched Dr. Who tonight and the "wolf" code in that was explained. Then there's an Arnold movie where he goes about foiling a latin American villain who takes the code name wolf. Then there's a Peterson (I cant read these!!) detective novel with a Russian viliian code named wolf, who looks to be a copy cat of Demilles...and now I cant recall the fourth...
And then the villain, Thorpe, in the book, is the head of the CIAs Domestic Contact Services.
I just don't read much fiction anymore, but it's a notable curio that the lore I've collected from JFK searches was spread through this book, names I mean, like Wild Bill Donovan, and the whole business of the OSS morphing into the CIA.
The writing is kinda weak, some really oddball paragraphs, but like a Clancy novel, and I suppose all these spy novels, it's hard to put down. Clancy's Red Storm Rising nearly gobbled up an entire week in the Valley with family on vacation!!
(PCT hikers in the Sierra nowadays all have nicknames...trail to Parker Pass is one small section)

Oh, the Fourth is LeCarre's "Karla" , though I also had in mind the Harry Potter movie (the one with mouse and the missing toe). Curiously the Potter movie had an "Odyssey" twist too!!
And by jingo, I walked in late to the new Die Hard movie to hear the explanation of "threes" and "Fire Sales"!!
It's a small Spookdom...


Actually that's two jfk posts. And likely difficult to follow. And I don't know what the import is of the threat in the fiction book being so much like the threat Gingrich perceives from Iran.

I cant even follow myself sometimes... Needless to say America has been at war with someone somewhere somehow since before the Revolution. Peace makes the Gun Club restless.
A fellow with a trained bird, AJ, on Letterman. AJ the putting bird... :)

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August 8, 2007

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