Saturday, August 18, 2007

Gone for Good

Jack Hanna was on on the Weather Channel talking about frogs, and amphibians...fifty to sixty percent gone since 1950...and the changes brought on by the restrictions of habitat.

Don't know but that the Fauna Flora by the creek might take over as finding things there gives an idea of what IS there still...

Kindof cool to see Willie Nelson strap on his old guitar.

I cant play guitar very well, but until my finger tendons cinched up I could plunk it. Been hauling an old one about but just gave it away, and now miss just having one about!! Martin makes a Mini Martin, one decorated with trees and leaves...I might be able to chord one of those...

The loss of the Baiji might be my battle cry...Remember the Baiji.

The Dancing Dolphin widget has a nice pic...I'll snag it...
Tree in the Door
August 17, 2007

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