Monday, August 20, 2007

Chronicles and Souvenirs

On the walkabout I was able to get a pic of a little bird called a brown creeper, and in looking it up I happened on John Burroughs, an old time Naturalist like Muir, and in looking him up happened on the Harriman Expedition, and the pic is snagged from American Memory, which has the whole book.

And, there is DVD called The Harriman Expedition Retraced, which was an effort to go to all the same places, and so make a correspondence.

Watched CSI repeat..and now on the news they found the body of a WW2 airman in the Sierra.

Lemesee if I can find one of Burroughs poems...

Meanwhile I found this site!!
Back to finding the poem!!

I saw one of these in a second hand store and wished I could get them.

What took me here was Burroughs Muir Yosemite search..see pic.
Found an audio poem,, at a site called Drake's Blog, or something, and it's good...he's writing like Skelton...I'll have to look in the Gallery tomorrow for a book, they might have one.
Continuing...found the librivox site...
Now, if Harriman, who had all the money, and other rich folk like 'm, hadn't dragged the Naturalists about...or bought up things...where would we be!!

Tree in the Door
August 21, 2007

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