Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Dendera Light Bulb

Well, National Geographic channel has UFO stuff on, after the story of Apollo 13...always entertaining!! And they mentioned the "Egyptian Light Bulb" which is a very strange Hieroglyph...there is something about Ancient Egypt we're not getting.

And they mentioned Mystery Park in the Swiss Alps, which is a theme park inspired by Von Dannekin...cool...one mention has it that it's closed..cant tell from the sites.

One theory has it that humanity was genetically engineered by aliens...and I recall one take on the Egyptian Hieroglyphs is that they have multiple sense, and one sense is a depiction of the principles of cell division.

The hieroglyphs themselves were like a 'genetic code' passed down from one generation of priests to the next. One mention has it that they lost their template books, and had to go down into an old tomb and get a new copy.

Tree in the Door
August 7, 2007

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