Thursday, July 5, 2007


Dr. Who is kinda grim. Some robot creatures are on their way from the fringe of the solar system…Derelicts?? It’s hard to follow…

New season of NOVA is on now, hosted by an astrophysicists….and Apophis is on it’s way from the edge of the Solar System. Well, that’s cute, in an animation it hits Southern California, and my home.

I’ve never gotten over the Martians landing in Silverado Canyon (Sunday Picnics) and Huntington Beach (night fishing on the pier…phosphorescence in the waves.)

That's Set, allied with Horus, spearing Apep. I have an old poem about storage...if and when I recover it I'll add it..."Hail and well met, Square Ears..."(Spock, with his pointed ears from Vulcan) it begins.
The battles between Horus and Set were like an early comic book. In fact, all the old gods seem to have taken up residence in the adventure comics, along with Xena and Stargate!
Well, next on NOVA is bit on weight, as in explaining overweight, and on another channel...Big Medicine!!
a poem
Oh, I've seen desire, and envy the object,
The girls' long pause of deciding
In front of the desert refrigerator
While I wait patiently to load another tray of pies and puddings and parfaits.
Everyone is drinking too many sugared drinks. Just cut back on that.
Tree in the Door
July 5, 2007

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