Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Well, I was away to Bakersfield, but thought of this word "trespass". It rings in my head from the Lord's Prayer, and the Ten Commandments, but the sense I've been thinking of is when you trespass on some one's property.

Walking in the city is very tough. Most roads don't have sidewalks, and the only public place to walk is along roads, except for parks, bike ways, and such set aside for walking. At home I'd go to the ocean, walk along the beach, on the pier, around Balboa Island, the later I could go with my dog. Walking with a dog is another level of difficulty!

City space is carved up by private property lots, and one cant walk on them, it's trespassing.

To set foot on private property engenders a kindof childhood fear of retrieving a baseball from unfriendly neighbor's back yard. One of those "I dare you to do it!"

So the Pope comes on and says only Christian Catholics can be saved, which is , only another version of Christians saying only Christians can be saved, and that notion is common to religions, each seeing themselves as the only path to salvation. I suppose it's a trespass to say this is all whooey. Brought up Lutheran I wasn't at home in a Catholic church (San Juan Capistrano), but was respectful. I didn't dare put my fingers in the mysterious bowl of water! I don't know, it's like the Pope is trashing the whole notion of being saved.
One should hit the save button as often as possible!!

And then a Senator comes on and says Bush should stick to his word and seek out terrorists in whatever country their hiding in, as in Pakistan, and, well that's a double dare you to do it!!

Some yards you just cant go into.
Fans running onto the baseball field... Don't know! But maybe that's the nature of blogging!
Postcard pic of Capistrano's bells. On a visit with my folks I thought I heard these bells ringing, and remembering where I saw them, I ran off. When I got to them I found they weren't making the sound, but were a recording. Disappointed, I thought to return to my folks, but found I was thoroughly lost. I wandered a bit in tears, by the talo vats I recall!, and then a Black family rescued me and returned me to my folks, and that dried my tears.
Tree in the Door
July 11, 2007

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