Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Audience in the Dark

Well, a PBS show from Carnegie Hall was on when I got home, so I'll go with this thought from today, though I'm not sure where!!

Now, I don't mean an audience "kept in the dark".

I'm pondering the relation of performer and audience.

If mountain peaks are an audience, than the mountain climber is the performer.

And the peaks are "in the dark" until the climber paddles up the mountain.

The climber hears their "applause" and reaction as he climbs.

That must be tough to comprehend!!

Now, anyone can sit in the dark, and be a part of an audience. But audiences tend to be selective about who they watch perform.

Mountain peaks have a certain expectation of the climber.

It seems cruel that not everyone can climb mountains, but it's true...

And that's what I thought on today, the cruelty of audiences, how they select just who they'll watch, listen too, follow....

But it's a straight up cruelty, that is respected. Performers like athletes know what they're in for.

But what is really cruel is a performer that dupes an audience....does a performance that is false.

Well, now there's been a show on telling the story of military aviation from the first jets to, now, attack helicopters...

Audience and performer....simultaneous interchanging roles for the combatants. And cruel.
Pic is Mt. Conness, and I got asked today the route I took to get there...which was cool, especially considering the trepidation with which I went there last summer!! I've only climbed a few, and they're just class 1 and 2, peaks one can walk and scramble up without ropes and all. Now, the question was to find the rope route, where to start climb with ropes and all. But I was glad to provide a help for that.
Now they have the story of U2 and Blackbird...secret audience!!
Tree in the Door
July 29, 2007

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