Friday, July 27, 2007

Mundane Evil

I haven't really followed the news for the last two weeks. The McGlothlin Group was on when I got home. When I was a kid I took these political talk shows serious. Now, now I just wonder if they all just came from a bar.

I didn't latch on to a thought today, sorta like not getting "out"!!

Oh, but there was this...

Evil begins by making you turn away, and pretend it's not your concern.

Sometimes I see a petty theft, and insomuch as there is really nothing I can do, I just go about my business. Oh, I did bark at them, like I often do, to pay for the item, but I was ignored. Sometimes, I get an excuse, like, "a squirrel put it's nose in my chili, that's why I'm getting another!"

In the backyard there's a tag graffiti on an electric box...what can I do, or make of that??!!

Look closely at the big rocks on the Mist Trail, and you'll see where they have been painted to cover up things, most likely signatures with dates.

Now there's a doc. on Niagara Falls. "Artists started coming in the winter to get a new view..."

Trouble with the thieves, and vandals, is that seeing they have done what they do in plane sight, and escaped, it thrills them, and it ropes the innocents into that dilemma of not knowing what to do. It's insidious.
Now they have the story of Tesla and
Of Edison..."To prove his point he publicly electrocuted dogs and cats."
Tesla came to sit on park benches and feed pigeons in the snow.

Tree in the Door
July 28, 2007

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