Sunday, July 29, 2007

Einstien Telling The World

Well, what I recall is that Einstien expressed regret after Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Maybe the bomb is our "Pharaoh", and all the expressions of our civilization resemble the ancient Egyptians hieroglyphs, their iconographic glorification of Pharaoh.

The take on the pyramids is that they are tombs to prevent tomb robbers. It don't take much imagination to see the "pyramid", and the "priesthood" surrounding the the same. Security is the new "maat". For the Egyptians "maat", represented by a feather balanced against one's heart on the scales of Anubis, represented harmony and order.

I don't know how many nations now manage a nuclear capability. I suspect some of them can switch into that category very quickly.

I saw a white bear on the hike, white with brown feet. Blond some would call it. It's been hanging about Glen Aulin for four years and has it's "hiker's nickname", Magatron.

On TV tonight: Are You Being Served, always amusing, Dr. Who, all the way to end of the Earth, and the last human, a vain patch of skin!(note the term ipod she uses in reference to the jukebox!), and ALIAS, a hop away from CSI.

Tree in the Door
July 3o, 2007

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