Sunday, July 1, 2007

Precession of the Equinox

National Geographic is on with tale of how the moon was formed. It's responsible for maintaining our tilted axis, which give us the seasons. There is a whole list of things the moon does.

Well, I thought to look some of this up, and found this site, which concludes the sun is in a binary star has a dark companion.


2 Gravitational forces of the sun and the moon acting on the earth’s bulge to cause a torqueing force on the
earth, which causes (or partially causes) the axis about which the earth rotates, to slowly shift its direction
(“wobble”), which then results in precession of the equinoxes.

In examining the mechanics of the motion of precession, one notices:
• The North Celestial Pole on its 23.45 degree incline slowly traces a large circle in the
sky, pointing to different pole stars over thousands of years
• An observer on Earth, at the point of equinox changes his orientation to inertial space
at the current rate of about 50.29 arc seconds annually. At this rate the entire
precession cycle time required to traverse all twelve constellations of the ancient
Zodiac, is 25,770 years, although evidence indicates it is declining.


"Some creatures have breeding cycles linked to the moon."

I find I'm of two minds! One tries to understand science, and the other, more heart than mind, doesn't think about things so much.

And this from Wiki...

The iconography of Mithraism is now recognized as having pronounced astrological elements, but the details are debated. One scholar of Mithraism, David Ulansey, has proposed that the cult was inspired by Hipparchus' discovery of precession. The centerpiece of his analysis is the tauroctony an image of Mithras sacrificing a bull. According to Ulansey, the tauroctony is a star chart. Mithras is the constellation Perseus, and the bull is Taurus, a constellation of the zodiac. In an earlier astrological age, the vernal equinox had taken place when the Sun was in Taurus. The tauroctony, by this reasoning, commemorated Mithras-Perseus ending the "Age of Taurus" about 2000 BCE.


To go with this I'll go get the Zodiac of Dendera...
I thought to do a poem...from this... I was putting trays in the big box that holds them, my behatted head low towards the carpet, and unbeknownst to me, a tourist with one hand on the top of the box, was leaning over me to look at the grill menu high above, and,.. I dont raise up quick, age slowing me down....and as I did raise up my gaze traveled from toes to her lovely face, traversing all the loveliness inbetween!! A procession indeed, I thought, remembering my Valley musing of the post Villages. Sometimes I missthink precession for procession, and I got to thinking of the precession of the equinox, and the zodiac, and thought to make a to explain...visiting each village traveling along that marvelous picture of Isis from Dendera and overlaying it on the zodiac. She wore white short shorts and a small blue T...:)
Sheesh, now there's a show on about female bodybuilders...a bit too sceintific I'd say!!

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July 1, 2007

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