Sunday, July 15, 2007

Mono Lake and Mars

A hike to Parker Pass concluded with a trip to Mono Lake when I caught a ride down from Tuolumne from a photographer friend chasing lenticular clouds which took us on a side trip to Mono Lake. Later we shared photos downloaded to my friend's computer, and while doing this a show about the robot explorers to Mars was on...does everyone do this!!?? TV while on line or computing??

Anyway, if Mars is terraformed by introducing species from earth slowly, it will be a lot like Mono Lake. Mono Lake has shrimp, flies, fly larva, seagulls, and a handful of other things...all in exceptional numbers. At one time, and somewhat still, the entire shore to a width of about three feet out was black with flies, that, to add to the mysteries of the place, live a few inches under water. I think I have that right!! One early observer noted there was over a hundred miles of flies!!

Some harsh environments on Earth have little species variety, but do have an abundance of species that are there. That's what will happen on Mars.

I think that's the point I wanted to make with this post!!

Tree in the Door
July 14, 2007

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