Friday, July 6, 2007

Global Snoring

On TV when I came home…

It Could Happen Tomorrow


Full Force Nature


Well, it’s the weather channel, and the normal forecasts with music.

There is certainly a kindof giddy sardonic euphoria to being in disasters, and a sardonic kindof of black humor. O my Gods, and Holy Craps.

Okay, it’s “give out attention” to Global Warming, what?, tomorrow, on the 0707007, James Bond!! Day…I don’t know, they’re all getting married in Vegas…

Gore has it we should all watch the Weather Channel, I have it on! Okay???

But wont it divert everyone from other channels’ preoccupation…Global Warmongering…(a site has T-Shirts displaying both) which the advertisers pay big bucks to scare everyone??

Here’s a scare. It’s hot as the dickens, and the Bunkhouse Gang across the alcove propped open their room door, and the alcove door, for ventilation, which meant there was nothing between my mini refrigerator in the alcove and Black Bear..,and having an over active imagination, I could see it…Black Bear saunters in passed the snoring Gang and snuffles the refrigeration…all on the quiet…but the prop fails and the door slams shut behind Black Bear…oh, the horror….I just shook my head on a flipflop trip to the can…the night is quiet and the snoring peaceful…why wake anyone??

Of course, Global Warming can be countered with Global Warmonger which the SaganSages have it can kick in with even a small local NukeWar and the resultant Nuclear Winter!! Whatever happened to that concern??

The night is quiet and the snoring peaceful.

Pic is from a short lived comic with a remarkable title!!
What happens to Charleston exrapolated from old big quake of 1886. A second showing.
It takes almost two hours to do these posts...Letterman and then funny Ferguson!!...OctupusSquids!!

Tree in the Door
July 6, 2007

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