Saturday, July 7, 2007

Past as Layers

After the Dirty Dozen, an awful movie!, I flipped to Discovery Channel and it's a survival story...I'm guessing after a meteor. Lots of survivalists tips.

A friend showed me some of their art, one a portrait with words, cant remember exactly, but about the past being like layers. More memories and souvenirs.

What's Holy? Oh, that's what I thought about during the busy warm day. Another friend posed what makes a man holy??

They're blowing holes in a mosque in Pakistan so hostages will have an escape route.

Photosynthesis is interrupted. Fernando gets to ground zero, it's a meteor, and doesn't survive.

And they save the seismic record.

That's what makes someone, or something holy, being saved. A favorite souvenir.
ALIAS is on...We did it, we saved the world! and Sydney answers...Something like that.

Tree in the Door
July 7, 2007

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