Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Pic from google images at many sites, here's one:
Arnold inspired the first civilian one, or at least gave it his enthusiasm. He's proven himself out as governor, I'd say, and here from a site is a pic of Arnold in a hydrogen powered Hummer. It would appear that enthusiasm extends to an environmental sensitivity!

He put John Muir on the California quarter.

Nonetheless, I don't think I'd last long in his smoking tent!

New show on, American Inventor. I thought up ideas for hydrogen power, and a zinc power idea I found, and posted them a long while back now. To make up an idea/invention is pretty engaging, and of course, while you will convince yourself it is a wonder, the reality of it being understood and accepted by others, would, I'm sure, make anyone jump up and down with joy!!

Tonight, a tea brewing contraption won.

There's Terminator 3D at Universal Studios.

New show ad: Masters of Science Fiction

So much in Science Fiction literature has never made the big screen.

So much more in History.

Tree in the Door
July 17, 2007

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