Thursday, July 26, 2007


Well, the Old Egyptians obsessed on "souvenirs".

"Just to say the world was here..."

Build a pyramid.

National Geographic is what I'm watching, show about Ramses.

Now, last night, after I logged off, National Geo. had another show about a tribe in the South American jungle. And they wore these cylinders hanging from under their chins. I have no idea how they were attached. But they looked like the false beards on the Egyptian sculptures.

Everything an ancient Egyptian did, everything they wore, their homes, entertainments, everything, were mention of Pharaoh. It was like the hieroglyphic language wasn't just a script, just carvings, and ink on papyrus, but was everything, and everyone. And it all spoke of the glory of Pharaoh.

Sometime I'll have to try and explain this better....

Next on is show about Tattoos. Well, that's souvenirs all over....

The tribe was living without any technology beyond stone age, and they are part of the fabric, the hieroglyphic world, of the jungle.
That's how I kindof see things, hieroglyphically, or, iconographically. The "language of the trees".

Tree in the Door
July 26, 2007

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