Monday, July 16, 2007


Watching National Geographic....stories of mummies, green glass made from a meteor in the Egyptian desert (the scarab body of King Tut's pectoral is made from it), and the Book of Revelations.

There's an awful lot of these stories!!

Oh, I thought I lost this post last night, but it was over in Fauna and I repost it:

National Geographic is on, repeat of the green glass a meteor made in the Egyptian desert. And in the commercial break: Domesday, The Book of Revelations, NEXT. So, that's on next.

"The sand was transformed into a thin layer of glass... " That after the Trinity Test in New Mexico of the first A-Bomb. There's green glass too.

A lament is often made that television, books, films, the web, everywhere we look!, is saturated with "this and that". But the thing I'm noticing doing this blog is how saturated it is with doomsday stories. I, we all, have seen so many people die in make believe, or real documentary stories.

Just before was story of Egyptian mummies, which has of course always the wonders about the next world.

You know, yoga is a simple thing, and a complicated thing eventually. I've never pursued it seriously, but believe in the benefits of stretching, and just relaxing.

Starting out in yoga the routines are simple, but the unbending emphasis is that they have to be done everyday. Once the tendons and muscles get stretched out, you want to keep them that way, and if you lay off, you have to start over.

Hiking is like that. If I go out every week, I keep my wind and leg strength. And hiking is a very simple thing, it's just walking, and it can be anywhere, I go on city hikes, or walks, along with the mountain ones. But hiking can be very involved, the epic hikes of the Pacific Crest Trail hikers an example.

Anything, I'm coming to realize, if it is started out simple, and then repeated, reiterated, can become something much more. It's the just getting started that can be tough, and then keeping to the routine. Small persistent efforts can lead to really elaborate accomplishments.

And then there's the flip side, where negative things beginning with small incremental repeating routines, become monsters.

Tree in the Door
June 15, 2007

Tree in the Door
June 16, 2007

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