Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Critical Situation

Pic of the Romanov Czar of Russia from wiki.

Spent the day trying to clean and arrange things. I put the drawing table out in the alcove, so maybe that will become my place to paint and draw. Without a neighbor I don't have to worry about halveseys...my half their half.

I thought to make more room, but as it is everything has seemed to expanded!! The stuff I have isn't much, but the room isn't much either...about the space of VW camper van!! Oh, a little more, but not much.

Show in the evening on National Geographic called Critical Situation, about a pilot shot down in the Bosnian war. Then one about the real King Arthur, and then one about the Romanovs in Russia. Pilot down story is kinda like Man Against Wild, with the added peril of being hunted by gun happy Serbs.

I haven't seen Man Against Wild for awhile, I think it's still on.

The White Army nearly rescued the Czar and his family. The downed pilot had a happier story to tell.

Tree in the Door
July 31, 2007

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