Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cabin on Mars

I know, they're robots, the Mars Rovers I mean...and they hardly "rove"...more like a watching-grass- grow creep. But they're remarkable, and I suspect that for a long time robots will take our senses to Space.

And why not, there's no way anything of flesh and blood is ever going to fly in Space...Space "Flight" being a silly term. Space "Ride" maybe.

And the Mars Rovers' "cabin dwellers" reside and do their dwelling on the surface of Mars in Houston, I guess, wherever NASA has the control center.

For all of humanity, it really matters little if the photos and such come from robots, or Astronauts paddling about. I'm all for Astronauts, they can and will see more than any robot, and tell the tale...but until they can scribble a decent poem, let there be robots!!

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