Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Media Saturation

The movie Pearl Harbor came out shortly before the invasion of Iraq, and I was studying the Panay pretty much everyday, and reading a lot of Pearl Harbor accounts in the military magazines. There were so many of them, and what with all the adds making a big deal of the movie, it premiered aboard an aircraft carrier if I recall, that I thought maybe the magazine and movie industry were preparing the public for the coming war.

Would they do that? Can they do that? I dont know, and it may be a harebrained notion. But I'm always a bit suspicious since, and all the hype for the PBS, The War, reminds me of the Peal Harbor stories.

Another curio, was that a lot of the Pearl Harbor stories were about if FDR knew the attack was coming. It's one of those controversies like JFK.

Anyway, the Koreas are talking peace...they've been at war since Korean War...a kind of undeclared peace...a cold war....or something.
Actually, now that I've looked at the ad, it came out before 911...I forgot... maybe Hollywood had a collective premonition!
Which reminds me, there was that terrible ad before 911 with things falling out of the sky, and there's been one like that too recently...varnish for wooden decks or something...the other one had Snoop Dog falling into an office. And of course there's the Lone Gunman episode...:)
Watched Fresno news, and now Friends...stuck in second gear...working swing I miss all the sitcoms...and baseball!!
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Oct. 3, 2007

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