Saturday, October 27, 2007

Dian Fosse's Cabin

Well, I came home from work and Gorillas on the Brink was on, and this after a kinda “gorilla” encounter at Last Resort Café…I was cleaning up and a couple tough kids tried to snag a hot chocolate after hours…I’d let it go but they were hanging about just looking to snag something, so I woofed at ‘em and they stopped, but I looked up after going back to work, and one was doing a clip of me with a cell phone video recorder…Oh, I said smiling, if that goes up on YouTube, I’ll come after you. He kept clipping, and I could see he saw no humour in my response, so I asked him to stop, and leave with his friend, but they proved stubborn, so I called for my manager…and later had security hear my tale…so I guess I did go ‘after ‘m’! What to make of it? Well, hopefully it is a tale with no new episodes…

I haven’t seen Dian Fossey’s tale of the Gorillas. Oh, I read National Geo. Way back, and remember she was murdered, but with my mind on ‘cabin dwellers’, I thought, There’s a fit"

Animal Precinct was on next, and then Meercat Manor…I started out in the blog to name the critters like Meercat Manor, but I cant keep close enough track of the individuals…I see the Meercats wear collars. I don’t follow it too close…one I watched close a Meercat was bit by a snake..and it was grim..but, they're ‘cabin dwellers’ too!

Pic is Dian’s cabin, from here:

Gorillas on the Brink
Natalie Portman and Jack Hanna

And from wiki

Photographs showing the gorilla "Peanuts" touching Fossey's hand depicted the first recorded peaceful contact between a human being and a wild gorilla. Her extraordinary report with animals and her background as an occupational therapist brushed away the Hollywood "King Kong" myth of an aggressive, savage beast.

Tree in the Door
Oct. 26, 2007

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