Monday, October 29, 2007

Cyber Bullying

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Webizens who have posted over the years to newsgroups and such, are familiar with the "vandals" I call them...other web creatures fooling around and tagging posts with graffiti like things. It's very annoying, and the only groups I post to have sysops that keep a tight reign on things.

So I'm familiar with what I've learned is called "cyber bullying", though I thought such things were limited to text posting.

But now with YouTube, and other video supporting sites, the vandals have found another way to annoy.

What happened to me in the Chocolate Incident was cyber bullying. The vandal was using the cell phone video in hopes of provoking me, and then clipping something humorous for YouTube, or their circle.

No one likes to be bullied, in any fashion. The reaction to it pins ones thoughts, and the circumstances of this incident, though everyone elses emphasis seems to be on the chocolate!, has created a little mental whirlpool trap.

I'm cooling off, and in a day or two wont trouble with it.

But in the realm of the young the bullying is out of state in Australia has banned YouTube for just this reason.

All the carefull laws constraining the media, who before were the only ones with the technology to record video and broadcast, cant come to bear on the kids doing, they're ignorant of the media laws, and two...they dont care!

It's a new kind of "spray" in a new kind of "can" but it's the same old tagging and graffiti!

The gangs often recruit from the ranks of taggers...tagging being done by the very young...and the flaunting of authority so easily accomplished with a spray can gives them a start on the "attitude'' and posturing.

I suppose the rebelliousness, which at it's worst is criminal, is in some response to the fashion in which our established cultural norms "tag" us. From birth we are pretty much classified as any new fish species!

And I was thinking of this tagging today...the bears get tagged when they cause trouble...and each incident adds a tag.

People do the same to people, run afoul of the law, or just traffic accidents, and you get tagged and noted. Too many tags and you get locked up for good, or have a very high insurance rate!

In response to all this, the kids tag was explained in a tattoo story that people tattoo themselves to sorta say this is my skin and I'll wear on it my story.."I'm my own species.".

It's an odd mishmash, and I'm not explaining it well...

Something everyone is familiar with in the work place is the verbal warnings-- written warnings-- pink slip--you're gone, sequence. Employers with troublesome employees have to ease them out in steps to satisfy State regulation. Oh, some offenses warrant immediate dismissal, but a lot of employees know how to goof off just enough to avoid that, but do get snagged with the incremental warnings. Too many of them and the employer can satisfy the State's over site and fire the failing employee.

This of course is just like the bears with their tags and collars, and gives a new import to 46 scratching at his collar while taking a dip in the Creek!!

Oh, this is long winded...

Charles Schultz and Charlie Brown story after Antique Road Show...

The experience of having a video phone poked at my face though has given me pause though, as I wonder how the critters feel looking down my camera lens!!

If I got a tat it would be the "Dont Tread on Me"...I think I've posted that pic..but another wouldn't hurt!!...brb...well, the third or fourth image in the google image search is of a fellow's back with just such a may be the quintessential tattoo as it expresses independence.


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Oct. 29, 2007

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