Saturday, October 27, 2007


Lara Croft Tomb Raider is on...almost a tonic after stress of last night and thinking of it all today!

How to react to a perceived threat..and not overreact...or not react at all!...Oh, but it's gotten to the point in the City that the Toughs intimidate in whimsical fashion....just a wrong look draws their ire...Lara's house is under siege...

Again, one of the Jamaicans has asked me if I'm a disciple of Jesus..and while many times I've been asked by the door to door evangelists if I'm Christian...I've never had it put to me if I'm a disciple.

Insomuch a disciple is a student, yes I am, nothing would have pleased me more than to sit at the feet of Jesus and hear those lessons. And insomuch as I do not think Jesus ever left, I think it in the realm of possible things to hear those lessons still.

If by disciple it's thought that someone is specially chosen like the twelve disciples and acquire superhuman skills or something, like the languages they could, I'm not that.

Larry King put it to one preacher, (did I mention this!), are you an ordained reverend? This was a question some were asking of the fellow as he had no formal schooling or certifications, and his answer was that growing up in his Dad's church had taught him much, and he regarded himself as the reverend of the church now...which I thought a good answer.

People get certification happy, but in truth lessons are where you find them and from all sorts of people.

There's some lesson in the Jamaican's questions...and if there's some lessons here...well ...I cant determine.

Do the righteous draw ire? I've been called a "lightning rod"...they say nearest relatives become the focus of Alzheimer patients and their madness...I can attest to that after taking care of my Dad...I was being "righteous" trying to take care of him, and some days it seemed no matter how much I "cared" things would worsen...something like that I'm trying to describe.

When I refereed basketball I had a real talent for making coaches irate.

There's no polite way to blow the whistle and call a foul.

Stress took me back to how the days felt taking care of Dad.

Seems to me now and then that people have lost their minds, and come at me for caring.
Pic is Atlas and Prometheus...from a Vatican stamp of a vase in their collection, I think...Atlas is often depicted holding up the sky...and the globe of the oldest statue is actually a star map...good stories on that on web.
Lara's talking with the villian about her father...haven't got to the part where he appears, and is Angelina's real pop...Jon Voigt. I remember the talk show interviews promoting this movie.
I need some sleep...g'nite.


Tree in the Door

Oct. 27, 2007

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