Saturday, October 20, 2007

Camping on the Moon

Mythbusters is on...they're going to shoot a piece of straw with compressed air to see if the Hurricane wind myth is true...oh, the drama...(I think Letterman started this sort of stuff!)

Before, I've thought the the Apollo journeys to the moon were like camp outs. Like backpacking too, insomuch weight is a preoccupation...but ironic for the space travelers insomuch as once they're in space..they're weightless! Backpackers should be so lucky.

And, when they got to the moon, they had the Lander...a Cabin...and became...Cabin Dwellers.

Perhaps the penultimate cabin dwellers were the members of the crews that remained alone in the moon orbiter. All the crews were carefully screened and selected for their roles by psychologists, I've read...the ones in the orbiters must have been poets...lemeseeifIcanfindone...brb...Well, Collins, the first command module pilot, is called "euridite"..and the "poet laueate of the astronauts" but for why I'm not sure...And Al Worden of 15, again a command module pilot, has a book of poems...but there is a dirth...and it would do no good to send a poet up...for the meantime astronauts are highly trained in their craft, and a passenger poet wont do! would have to be one of them....maybe the Russians...brb...well, that's just as fruitless a search as I've ever done...but found a poem by Robert Frost...

But outer Space

But outer Space,
At least this far,
For all the fuss
Of the populace
Stays more popular
Than populous

Robert Frost

The straws stuck but didn't go through a palm tree. Myth busted I guess...

That Frost poem dont fly either...shhessh...
Well, wait, Collins did sentimentalize over his "cabin", scribbling the following on it...and that is the stuff of poetry....
"Spacecraft 107 — alias Apollo 11 — alias Columbia. The best ship to come down the line. God Bless Her. Michael Collins, CMP"[

Tree in the Door
Oct. 20, 2007

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