Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Irish Monks

It wasn't lost on me from the first that Tree in the Door is a kinda Walden Pond...thinking of Thoreau from yesterday here. I've read Walden, a very long time ago, 'bought all I remember is his throwing Buddha out the window because of dust, and saying "Simplify!"

It's like Walden Pond because on one side is all the road and tourists and lodge, and on the other, the backyard, it's "walden pond". The Falls at one end, Sentinel at the other, are almost incidental...the Creek is what one looks at after craning your neck! Walden Pond was just a mile and a half from town, and hardly out in the wilderness. If I remember right Thoreau would go home on occasion...but for two years two weeks and two days he kept a journal of his stay there...and I'll explore it in another post, and Thoreau...but first letmego find about Irish Monks, as I was thinking on seclusion today...Kipling (Stevenson!)according to the wiki site, took exception to Thoreau, as indeed any subject of the British Crown would!! I'll save that too...as it's interesting in regard to Civil Disobedience...but to the Irish Monks...brb

quote from wikipedia on St. Enda

Enda was an Irish prince, son of Conall Derg of Oriel (Ergall) in Ulster. Legend has it that the soldier Enda was converted by his sister, Saint Fanchea, later abbess of Killeaney. He renounced his dreams of conquest and decided to marry one of the girls in his sister's convent. When his financé died suddenly, he surrendered his throne and a life of worldly glory to morn his loss. Such was his pain that he began to lose any interest in life. It is said that on the day that he would leave this mortal plane due to the grief of loss, a strange man came to him in a vision and told him of an isle where he would find peace. Innish. He made a pilgrimage to Rome and was ordained there. These stories told of the early life of Saint Enda and his sister are unhistorical, but the rest is not. More authentic vitae survive at Tighlaghearny at Inishmore, where he was buried.


Well, that's more interesting than I thought to find...he was "radicalized"...often in the old Celtic tales a quick change overcomes someone.

lemesee if I can find a ruin pic...Dun Aengus, a pre Christian fortification...the islands now are popular tourist stops...why not!

A Dragon tale was on Animal Planet...the Natural History of Dragons...I need to do a post on those too!, though I think I touched on some of it earlier in the Dragon Boat Festival mention...
Tree in the Door
Oct. 2, 2007

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