Thursday, October 4, 2007

Fractal Fabric 2

I used this term before, without much of in the way of explanation of how I was using it. I have my own idea of what a Fractal Fabric is, but I thought to google it to see if I could find someone with a similar notion, or something kindof close to help with my own explanation. Here's something close...


For the same reason, however, the Modernist City, which is artificially biased towards longer connections, was an unrealistic planning model. The Car City that emerged in place of the Modernist City requires many short car trips, hence parking lots everywhere. Contrary to what Le Corbusier decreed, people have never used their car to drive solely between their house in a garden suburb and their downtown office. The car is now used for every little chore of everyday life. Not surprisingly, once we have the sedentary connective freedom offered by the car, we demand a direct car connection to every urban node. This powerful force generates commercial suburbia, erasing the compact urban fabric in the process.
'Small-World' Networks and the Fractal City
* Op-Ed
6 October 2003 - 12:00am
Author: Nikos Salingaros
Biological and digital networks offer important lessons for planners as they design cities for the 21st century.


I wrote a little poem once, before I had heard about fractals, called The Coral City. I had made a vacation trip to Key Largo and did some diving and snorkeling. Swimming over and through the corals I glued together with the city sights I saw on the airplane flight to and from Florida.

Fractal Geometry has an idea called "self similarity", which is like "synonym". Coral reefs I saw as a synonym and self similar to our concrete cities.

In the quote the author is working with the idea...seeing similar principles in nature to our cities, and the web the whole article as it is thought provoking.

He use the term "urban fabric"...and what I often have in mind when I'm thinking about the dynamic of things, how they come into being, is their "fabric"..and I've added "fractal" to bring in the notion of "self similarity", and too the notions of "scale", and "recursiveness".

Fractal Geometry is a feature of the old Dynamic Symmetry of the ancients. They would understand it perfectly, but nowadays the Golden Rectangle and Fibonacci sequence aren't much emphasized in school, Donald in Mathamagicland being shown to me in grade school an exception!!

I have some more on this...for tomorrow. Everything can be part of a Fractal Fabric unique to whatever thing being considered, and there's some peculiar political ones I want to address....Baseball is a fractal fabric for example, and just watching it, talking about it, makes one part of the "baseball fractal"...

A courtroom drama has been on, about the South and racial tensions...a kinda battle between two fractal fabrics.

"paved paradise, put up a parking lot"

"dont it always seem to go, you dont know what you got 'till it's gone..."

Joni Mitchell...if I remember right...I illustrated it, the song I mean, in graphic art class...thought to just illustrate my favorite's kinda fun...another 'sometime'...I'll have to find that old artwork as it's a fit here!!...
"put 'm in a Tree Museum"
pic is the Mariposa Grove museum...I had made a tree museum illustration, and when I visited the Grove I was delighted to see a real one! Mine was inside a fallen redwood...

Tree in the Door
Oct 4, 2007

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