Friday, October 26, 2007


Since I bought the John Burrough's book on Amazon, I've been getting email ads of some others he wrote, one which had an interesting quote which led me to believe Burroughs was a "cabin dweller"...letmegetthat..brb


Book DescriptionPREFACE. I HATE deliberated a long time about coupling gome of my sketches of out-door nature with a few chapters of a more purely literary character and as I have confided to my reader what pleased and en gaged me beyond my four walls, to show him what absorbs and delights me inside those walls especially as I have aimed to bring my out-door spirit and method within and still look upon my subject with the best naturalists eye I could command. I hope, therefore, he will not be scared away when I boldly confront him in the latter portions of my book with this name of strange portent, Walt Whit man, for I assure him that in this misjudged man he may press the strongest poetic pulse that has yet beat in America, or perhaps in modern times ...


Birds and Poets...with other papers.
John Burroughs

He built a little cabin, which I think is referred to above...called "Slabsides". Wikipedia has piece on it.

CNN on all evening.

Can't get pic of Slabsides up...everyone is probably blogging fire pics and stories!

The misspells in the quote are a sic, but I dont know if those are Burroughs spellings...books a bit pricey..I'll put it off for awhile.

Nice Bush came a domestic President he's done fine, I'd say, as has Aronold as our Governor...but the "War President" tout has become burdened with irony...I cant fault the intent and effort though...the intractable vandals and barbarians just seem to be in season or something, and will pass, as all things do.

Walt Whitman has some things I want to explore..for tomorrow...

Tree in the Door
Oct. 26, 2007

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