Saturday, October 6, 2007


I overdidit with last night's post! But in googling about I came across this...a paraphrase...Human endeavors need to be verifiable, because human beings are not infallible.

Six Days Five Nights was Fresno might reach 70 something tomorrow...

Lemmego get my Hawk pics...

Bytheby, google spiders, or whatever does it, are listing the post's under keywords as soon as I post, which is often before I've spelled checked and edited! It's disconcerting to find my own posts googling the self same subjects!
Now, Gravity never makes a mistake...unless there's some anti gravity about, things are always falling down on the Earth. It's that kindof reliability that makes science possible.
And it's all another facet of the Scientific Principle.
Tomorrow Sterling's Twilight Zone, and Hawthorne's Haunted Mind...I keep promising myself to do this one...try to make it a sure "sometime" tomorrow.
Pics are stills from video.

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