Sunday, October 14, 2007


Man vs Wild repeat...Ecuador...then a long show about an expedition to islands in the South Pacific...looking for new fish species...

I've got it into my head to take a pic of all the Critters I can hereabouts....just chasing the birds has brought me closer to seeing things. It's tough to look away from the landscape sights, the big attraction...and the critters are illusive...if I get one good pic a day I feel I've accomplished something...they're not new species, but often new to it's a Crawdad.

And there's something about working with the camera that reminds me of capturing ideas from the TV and media to go in this blog...I never know quite what will turn up during the day.

I haven't read the newspapers much of late, but one was on my table at break..and it was so bleak...and there's so many's a bit overwhelming.

Didn't think of much today. Oh, that what we do with our studies and efforts is overlayed on what the Critters do hunting for food. That was all we did for a long time...that and romance!
Pic is Deer Looking into Tiki Temple Ruins...
They're all breathing helium and talking like Donald...oh..the Ducks were back today! Sad the specimens end up pickled...
Tree in the Door
Oct. 13, 2007

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