Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Curator, that's the word I tried to remember the other day.

How I remembered it: When I forget a word or name, I go through the alphabet...Does it start with...? I ask...and sometimes I get it....I knew curator started with C...but I couldn't recollect...but today I was thinking:

The Indians likely weren't great nature conservationists, consider when they drove the buffalo herds over cliffs...likeley many more than they could use were killed. Nonetheless there were a lot of Buffalo before the Whitemen and their conservation!...But thinking about "conservation"...and the "carrion" the buffalo's deaths would have provided for carrion eaters...I thought...letmesee if I can remember that word beginning with "c"...and it "popped" out...curator.

Now, all that tells me how my memory stores things...if I could just figure it out! Is it by rhyming sounds? I often suspect that. And that would explain rhyming poetry...and give it a new import! But I dont know...English is a very sound based language...words sound like what they least the anglo saxon ones...

Animal Planet on with Blue Ocean and the deep sea episode again...yes...the fumaroles!!...and the real "twilight zone"...that area in the ocean where sunlight just reaches...

Being a curator in a museum would be cool. I had a docent job once cataloging seashells to put them into a computer...just checking really to see the labels were correct...and the Curator oversaw our volunteer efforts. We set up exhibits too.

The Magic Kingdom, and the Valley here, are like museums...well, they even have museums!! And their Curators.

Vandalism in the Valley causes much consternation...things held sacred are always up against the vandals and barbarians.

The mind is a kinda "Haunted Museum"...and the

Trying to come up with a pic, I keep thinking of the Great Pyramid....the curator priests of Egypt desperate attempt to keep out the vandals and barbarians. And then there's King Tut's tomb, and it's discovery...the careful manner Howard Carter (a 'c') removed and packed everything up.

And the manner in which they study and name the new deep sea species.

And MSN had story of meteor in Indian Jones type snagged some pieces, and gave them to the scientists around the world, the curators of all things!, to study.

Poetry is an archaeology of the mind.
Carter's patron was Lord Carnarvon...
Tree in the Door
Oct. 10, 2007

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