Sunday, October 21, 2007

Trash on the Moon

Jay Lo on in the Wedding movie...being proposed too...decisions....ok. (And I missed it all but somehow she ends up with Hollywood...)

Now, on the Moon they left their trash, and unmentionables...while the footsteps on the moon seem a noble thing...what about the trash!??

Tiki Temple Offerings, I call it...this pic of two Tiki Cans in the Fall Woods....

Backpacking now everyone brings everything out...oh, the plop can stay, but the paper's gotta be carried out. I'm never sure what to do with it, the paper I mean, I wrap it up in aluminum foil, plastic bag it, and then drop it in the first Tiki Can I come too...but from there it has to go somewhere, a landfill somewhere, and that land of course has lost it's natural state.

As has the moon....lemgosee if there's mention of what they did with the plop...brb...well, that's nuts...I search out astronaut moon diapers and get to see Aldrin punch a fellow on YouTube...the rogue astronaut's long night ride skews the search of course...whom Aldrin shows some sympathy for!!

And there's a book called Space Junk by Judy Donneley (who has a kid's book about JFK, curiously), and it must have in it what they did with the plops.

Oh, Van Damn is Leo the Lion and in deep trouble....

In their short walkabouts the Apollo Astronauts must have changed out in the Lunar Lander...but how the heck will long hikes be possible?? I dont think even Science Fiction has dealt with this dilemma!!

I suppose the Space Station crews are ejecting the plop into the vacuum, which means it's added to the orbiting misslejunk ready to plop into the unwary space travelers of the future!!

Much to the contrary, Robert, near Space has become plopulous!


Tree in the Door

Oct. 21, 2007

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