Monday, October 1, 2007

Eye of the Tiger

Flipped through the channels, and...Jane Seymor dancing chichibangchi or something, on Dancing with the Stars, I think.

All day in Merced, glad to be back. Took care of the bus matters of insurance and registration...had time left over to go to bookstore. Got a one volume complete Grave's Greek Myths. I've hauled this around like forever. Old ones with my other books in storage.

All over the store displays of The War on PBS, along with all manner of other books and war documentaries. Is something afoot? I get a little suspicious when the media starts saturating. In the ramp up to Iraq there was the Pearl Harbor movie. But I'm just an average paranoia...

The Eye of the Tiger is a great movie...remind myself here to do a bit on the scenes in the cavern with the fountain..I often think of it with in sight the local one, the Falls I mean, not quite a fountain, as it falls!, but something of same symbolism.

Got a nature pics magazine too, with great Thorea quote, or at least I found it neat considering my hereabouts! Oh, it belongs over in Fauna and Flora...

Saw two batter ups in the 11th, then read the Padres lost in the 13th! hmmph!

Stallone was in Burma making a movie...saw a lot of the sorrow there. Another Rambo movie. And he had hand in Survivor's song Eye of the Tiger from Rocky 4...I had to look all that up, as I recalled the song, and was thinking here of Sinbad and the Eye of the film Seymor...and the othe Stallone. Neat.

Tree in the Door
Oct. 1, 2oo7

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