Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sentient Beings

"I'll let ya know if I find th' one wot invented th' 88."
The PBS show about WW2 is on. Stillwell was in Burma, and his aid, Frank Roberts, who had been on board the Panay.

I learned more studying the Panay than I have ever from these documentaries...more I mean about the causes of the war.

Once these things get going the warrior's stories pretty much take over. The one about the American Indian was interesting...seeing the war as opportunity to continue warrior tradition of the Plains...wonder if the horses were Liepisons....and they have Paul Fussel, who wrote Wartime, a book that tells of WW1 British Poets...Robert Graves one of them...and today I saw somewhere, "The Last Tommy"...story of the last remaining British soldier that fought in the trenches.

This from the blog cited yesterday...


Covering the peace protests in San Francisco for the monks, nuns, people of Burma, and all sentient beings

from a wiki site...
The anti-aircraft gun was not very useful during World War I because it could not fire high enough and it couldn't fire rapidly enough to shoot down much planes. Soon the German Krupp company developed the new guns in partnership with Bofors of Sweden. The original design that led to the 88 was a 75 mm model.
The 88 was intended as an anti aircraft cannon, but was used more usefully, I suppose, against ground targets.
Bofors was a company run by Wenner Gren of Sweden, and sold weapons to both sides, and Wenner Gren had a girlfriend who later hooked up with JFK... Inga Arvid. If I remember right, Gren got his start with vacuum cleaners.
I regard the woodpecker as a sentient being...not so sure about the human race.


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September 30, 2007

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