Thursday, September 27, 2007

King Midas

Sometimes I think I could figure everything out from just reading Aesop's Fables, Fairy tales, Hero myths, and such. Hollywood has certainly lost the story telling ability to tell these old stories well...part of it is special effects have become too important...and too real...I think I read Disney has an animation movie in the works that is completely hand drawn like the old ones. The Three Little Pigs was a big hit during the Great Depression, it message hitting home.

But anyway, I was thinking again about King Midas, whose every touch turned things, and his child, into gold, if I remember right...and how that is like our inventions and everything we "touch" with our imaginations is becoming a technology.

The trouble with gold is it that in itself it's pretty useless, and immutable. It doesn't rust or corrode...something made from it will last forever, even left on the ocean bottom...ocean saltwater being the all time universal solvent. Bronze lasts too...but it gets a patina. Gold just stays gold.

Rust and corrosion to the mineral world is like decay in the organic.

Technology, it's machinery and products, rusts, corrodes, wears out, and even gets recycled... so it can be said it's like the cycle in the mineral and plant/animal kingdoms.

Well, I'm being long winded. Leme shorten up...Technology is our King Midas Touch...and it has the same hazards as gold to King Midas.

There wasn't much on...but cool, now Man vs Wild is in Scotland, one I haven't seen yet. Met some hikers from Scotland...asked them about trekking there, and they said sure, they have little huts...that seems to be case all over Europe.

If I remember right, gold in it's natural state sometimes has little four sided pyramid shapes...and I studied that out thinking that the Egyptian pyramids were derived from, immortality, pyramid crystal, eternity.

lemesee if I can find that..

quote (I'll snag their pic!)

Gold crystallizes in the cubic system, forming octahedral and dodecahedral crystals, often distorted into dendritic or leafy growths.

leafy crytals from wikipedia's site
I had a stuff sack I carried my billiard balls and one nite I spilled them out on the floor and became possessed with how they formed pyramid and hexagonal honey comb...part of my dynamic symmetry period!
Tree in the Door
September 27, 2007

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