Thursday, September 13, 2007

Inspiration Point

Well, I was mulling over that article again and it's notion that the Internet is another "Afghanistan". The Taliban used Afghanistan as a hide out, and the idea is that Al Quida uses the Web the same way.

I find this far fetched, but I've seen other story on this too, that they've become very sophisticated in using the web.

But the notion that web viewers will be won over, inspired, on the web to join the jihad, the parade of martyrs, seems a bit much.

If anything, the web seems to dampen things down, almost a pressure release. Peace marches nowadays are paltry compared to the old days!

But where's the inspiration point? Well, Myra Breckenridge is on, and for her it was the illnesses caused by the power plant pollution...she became radicalized.

Radicalized is a poor term, and poor notion, the whole Reuters article is kindof off, and has the look of just another scare story.

But people get inspired to do, or follow, something all the time, and there's no one recipe that explains it.

Enough on that point.

But here's another! I realized today how MANY of the movies we see are about a story being overtaken by another story. Myra uncovers the pollution story which overtakes the power plants "cover" story.

It's like the Colombo detective stories...Colombo would bit by bit unravel the culprits false alibi story, and coup de gra them with a summation of the true story.

And Men in Black has this fantastic story of aliens everywhere underlying everyone's everday story.

Graves does this with his writing, now that I think of it. He's all the time talking about true poets, and true kings, and true poetry, and I guess we should all know he's telling the truth in illuminating us. But he got took.

Omar ali Shah roped him into collaborating on a translation of The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, and in the book Graves compares their translation next to Fitzgerald's, and touts it's genuineness, it's trueness. Not so!, to borrow his frequent protestation!

Shah's story is as concocted as Fitzgerald's, but whose to say...maybe I can find a site that tells this tale...

Well, the Jay Lo as police officer is on again, where the accident victim who loses his family in car blocks out the event and makes up a whole new identity for himself. Again, a story to be overtaken by the true story.

Maybe that's all there is to making a Hollywood script...

Here's a bit of the Omar ali Shah and Robert Graves controversy...too long to snag... stories at odds!
pic from wikipedia's site on Omar Khayyam
and a bit..
If with wine you are drunk be happy
if Seated with a moon-faced (beauty)? Be happy
Since the end purpose of the universe is nothing-ness
Hence then you shall be naught, then while you are, be happy!
...which is bit like the "Don't Worry,Be Happy" song the Jamaicans sing at work...
Tree in the Door
September 13, 2007

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