Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Convincing Moment

quote from Reuter's site:
Internet is "the new Afghanistan": NY police commissioner
Wed Aug 15, 2007 3:51PM EDT
By Michelle Nichols and Edith Honan

To continue yesterday...

That article was referenced in jfk, and it caught my eye in that it describes a series of things that radicalizes someone.

In Terminator 2, it's the development of Linda Hamilton's character, she convinces herself that to alter time and stave off Armageddon she must stop the research scientist who is studying the remains of the first terminator, it's arm, and a chip. She almost succeeds...but cant go through with it to the point of killing him.

Then, and this is the part I'm trying to get at. the research scientist is "radicalized" by story of the time travel and devastated future...the convincing moment coming when Arnold cuts the skin off his arm and hand, revealing a self same robotic arm and hand to the one the scientist has been working on, the first terminator's.

He joins the little band of rebels, and they go to the lab.

Rebels, believers, I'm not sure what to call them.

It's an interesting character development, Hamilton's and the scientists.

Arnold goes through one too, in that he becomes a bit human...robots are always doing this!...and we are back where he dropped into the molten metal.

What happened is one story is over ridden by another. The new story, that the world is in peril form the rise of the machines, unfolds because of the Terminators rampaging. All through the movie norms of behavior are scoffed at, from the Biker Bar scene to the truck chases busting through the streets. Everyone, and that is everyone in LA, is made to look foolish, living their everday story while this new story unfolds in their midst.

Most adventure movies do this, they break speed limits. Does Hamilton convince herself, or do the repeated breaking of rules convince her?, or both?

Well, I cant sort this out tonight...I'll have to think on it some more.

No pic comes to mind...

Tree in the Door
September 12, 2007

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