Monday, September 3, 2007


Well, I thought some more on these storytelling notions.

A movie was on, Pierce Bronsman, Salma Hyack...jewel thieves in paradise.

UFOs on Larry King...

The Scientific Principle has it...well, let me go get wiki's take...while they're talking about empirical principle!!

Couldn't find a good wiki, but this will do..


The scientific principle operates in the context of objective reality, which basically means two things:
1. The assumption that the observer and observed are completely separate.
2. The assumption that if many observers look at the same thing, it will still look/be the same thing.


A problem is that no sooner than we perceive something than it is made into a story...that's what we do...

The quarrel between the evolutionists and the creationist is a conflict of two stories. There's no way around that. And neither can claim to be truer.

This isn't to say one should abandon all hope! in a kinda you can believe what you want world! No, you must be very determined and careful in what you believe, as that is your story.

Propagandist are always up to no good, as they are basically lying, luring folk into false stories.

Well, Larry has a panel and they are quarreling over the Phoenix Lights.

Woody Harrelson dupes Bronsman in the jewel thief movie.

"Confabulation of Different Memories"

True believers...

Buzz Aldrin coming on...I'm supposed to be packing up for a hike...oh, it's late again...I'll try to do it in the morning. I cant think this late this tired, and if I scurry around it will make me less sleepy, and then I wont sleep!! I'll set the alarm...
a poem...
America went to the moon,
And we'll go back,
With Buzz Aldrin,
Or Buzz Lightyear,
Either way, it's certain.

Tree in the Door
Sept. 2, 2007

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