Friday, September 28, 2007


Is it a revolt in Miramar?...I just watched the brief CNN news story...cell phone pics. All the monks marching in their robes...I see them here sometimes dressed the same, and from I dont know which Asian land.

I've been meaning to contemplate Buddah and the Bo Tree, and maybe I should mention my preoccupation with Kannon, goddess of mercy.

The Merced was named by the Spanish explorers, who were thirsty on their trek, and so called it "mercy".

A few days back I dreamed of some Buddhists, which is unusual for me.


I snagged a pic of Kannon, and a little one of Buddah...

There's redwood tree on the path to the Superintendant's House. Been by it many times, but just noticed it today, and it's big! Tour bus driver explained that they have a flared bottom, like a bell...there's some more by the Chapel, and of course by Galen Clark's grave. They will grow here, and most anywhere, but they propagate by themselves only in the groves...I think!


Tree in the Door

September 28, 2007

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