Saturday, September 15, 2007

Haunted House

Time was, a long time ago, I dont know how long!, people believed in ghosts and the supernatural. Since the advances of science, all that's changed.
But if our heads, our minds, can be considered a "house", where we truly live, we're still haunted.

National Geographic has the story of two different bear attacks about the same time in the Kodiak's a bit drawn out!

We intuit that our 'house" is haunted, and that's why, I think, so much of our entertainments have supernatural things, scary things.

Ferguson had a fellow on his show the other night that articulated very well how the news shows play on our fears...because fear more than anything gets our attention, and that's what advertisers seek, an audience that stays tuned to see what new catastrophe, from anywhere in the world nowadays, may be threatening. And, he explained, watching these shows leads to stress and other ailments.

Well, my new illusive friend from Tuolumne just explained to me that books dont have advertisements, and you can leave a story and come back to the same spot in the story..."You cant do that with TV..." We both love books.

More Kodiak bears...they're brown bears, distant, and much much bigger, cousins of the brown bears hereabouts.

"People who love books, always have a friend." I read that, or something like that, in a WW2 history book, or something, by a retired military officer.
Pic is a book about the Magic Kingdom's Haunted Mansion...been there many times delivering bogies.
Link to Nathaniel Hawthorne: The Haunted Mind
Tree in the Door
September 15, 2007

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