Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Global Dimming

Well, PBS has a documentary on called Global Dimming.

I've said it myself, back in a GEnie post, this twenty years ago now!, that...The Earth is drying out.

Which is ironic, insomuch as the surface is mostly covered by the oceans.

But anyway, the pollution is dimming the sun's rays causing less evaportion over the ocean which means less rain fall.

The film has a monster movie sount track!!

Now, somehow the storyteller ties this all in with jet's vapor trails...lessee what this one says...

Friends of mine were camped out by Saddleback lake the night of 911, and found the quiet remarkable--no jets. The park is under the major flight ways. Slow to go to sleep camping, I watch them go by...sometimes they look like ufos.

Well, the temp went up 2 degree F. in the three days after 911 because the jets were grounded...that's the story.

Earlier PBS has a panel on talking about whether the surge in Iraq was working. I thought they'd be fine bunch to sit down beside the Larry King ufo panel of last night!!

Oh, the dimming story has lost me...
Lambert Dome, Tuolumne is the pic...a bit underexposed!
Tree in the Door
September 4, 2007

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