Thursday, September 6, 2007


quote from wikipedia site about Jacques-Yves Cousteau:

His work also created a new kind of scientific communication, criticised at the time by some academics. The so-called "divulgationism," a simple way of sharing scientific concepts, was soon employed in other disciplines and became one of the most important characteristics of modern TV broadcasting.


That word caught my eye last night when The Global Dimming show on PBS was playing...lemegoolook for, the only sites using it are Cousteau ones...this from JanCousteau..


He co-developed the aqualung, was on the forefront of marine conservation and
created a new kind of scientific communication called “divulgationism”—a new and
simple way of sharing scientific concepts through story. Though it was criticized at the
time by scientists, it became a cornerstone of modern broadcasting, nonfiction
television, in particular.


Basically what TV documentaries do is dumb (dim?)down scientific jargon so the general populace can follow it. Just for the fun of confusion in the old big used book store I'd sit on a stool and read technical texts...and wonder, these are tough enough to write, but how in the world are they edited?

Some docs, thinking of ufos and the war ones, try to smarten up things by throwing in jargon...dont know what that's called.

Cousteau is one of my heros, and they dont repeat his shows...the ones his sons and others do now are technically far superior, but Cousteau's were really charming.

I'll grab a pic of Calypso...the goddess. From here:

Tree in the Door
September 5, 2007

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