Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cold Hard Reality

Well, Steven Segal in "Fire Down Below" won out over "The War", and "The Green Berets"....he was on this morning too in the Alaska one.

Segal just finished giving a sermon in Church...didn't listen but imagine it was "cold hard reality" speech like he gives in the Alaska adventure. In that one he's talking to his sidekicks, a couple American Indians, and they protest that the
Spirit World will help them, and Segal acknowledges that, but says it's time for 'cold hard reality"...then he takes the one sidekick on horseback to his weapons arsenal!! This is a stock scene in movies...Men in Black in the jewelry store...

Does Segal abandon the Spirit World? I'm not following the one on now too close, he's often in and out of the church, so I imagine his methods are abandoning that Spirit World too.

Oh, and it was the use of the word "abandon" in a show about Noah and the Flood last night that's got me going here. The show was telling how archaeologist had found a large layer of mud, circa 5000 years ago, in their digging, and this together with the mud tablet accounts in Mesopotamia of a flood and arc and a Noah, give credence that there was a flood, but a local occurrence, and because it was local, the story in the Bible of a world wide flood, and the animals two by two, and huge arc, and Noah, had to be abandoned.

Well, "abandon all hope all ye who enter here"...I think that's Dante...earlier post too...

Chris Christopherson is the bad guy..he has that role a lot!

And a lot of these poets and writers I've been touching on often write up a cold hard reality, and then get out of it with "pleasant dreams"...the shoot 'em ups often end with the Hero getting together with the Heroine...though I dont know if Segal ever hooks up! Jackie Chan never gets a kiss...

Oh, forgot, I was going to tie in the "cold hard reality" with the movie, Friendly Persuasion, which deals with the dilemma as best any ever did.

I came home with three pastries and a banana, and ate them all...cold weather makes me hungry.
Segal delivers porch materials and gets a hug...

Tree in the Door
September 23, 2007

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