Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Charcoal Half Dome

I'm one of those who feels I must go somewhere, or do something, or I'll feel bad because I haven't done anything or gone anywhere!

I'm likely to skip meals, housecleaning, doctor appointments, just generally everything, in the pursuit of this.

And if I'm trapped by work, I feel worse, and go into a funk, which makes things twice as worse as I'm likely to just turn the TV on and zone out, totally frustrated.

I should be doing charcoal drawings...this one I did today one of few I've done here...and writing my that's what I can do.

But I like to do the photography, it's poplular, and I spent most of tonight editing video, and shortly try to get it all on dvd.

I have no idea what to do with newsprint charcoals once I've drawn them..the paper turns dry and crumbles quickly...I've tossed hundreds of class drawings...I could use Mi Tientes paper, or some other, but it hasn't the same feel.

Two of my channels have gone mute on TV...dont know if it's my pushing wrong buttons on remote, or the TV...Letterman and Ferguson and PBS...

CNN has gone totally silly.

I was going to post about the meteor, Tamanana or something(Tomanowa), sacred to the Indians up North...someone selling a chunk...last night...and now tonight one has fallen in Peru making people sick.

The Indians held the meteor sacred, a gift from the Sky People...and it is thought that the old Egyptians with their BenBen stone did the same. Or is it BenBen bird, and another name for the sacred stone...then there's the Kaaba cube with the meteor in it's corner...that's the square monument Muslims circle in Mecca.

Tree in the Door
September 18, 2007

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