Monday, September 3, 2007

Empires of the Future

“Empires of the future
Will be empires of the mind."
Winston Churchill

“There’s no alternative…”

Quotes from photo journalist Robert Capland's documentary about our foreign…what…legion..on PBS.

No alternative to America being all over the world with military help to keep order. And that’s always been the effort of the Navy, to preserve the freedom of the high seas. And the Yangtze Patrol.

And that’s the story being told. PBS was on with show about the new American empire. And it’s an empire in the sense that we train and assist other nations to keep the peace inside their nations.

There was a flashing pop up ad in my mailbox from Wal Mart…and it hurt my eyes and made me feel uncomfortable.

Which reminds me of a new weapon developed that flashed lights…they showed it on local news briefly, and it hurt my eyes and made me feel uncomfortable.

Frank Capra made a film after the victory in Europe in WW2 called “Why We Fight” I think, and it’s purpose was to prepare the soldiers in the winding down European war to fight in the one still raging in the Pacific.

Maybe I can find a site for that…(wikipedia has a Why We Fight site, and links to Capra's movies...

Story telling is strained to the limit in war, and from the looks of things…there’s always going to be war.

At Tuolumne I was happy to take pics and video of a deer feeding by the river. Reviewing the video I noticed when the doe turned her head she has a growth on her nose. There’s more on her flanks. I don’t know what it is…but I see sometimes injured and dying animals…and it’s immeasurably sad.
A few moments later the falcon perched in a nearby tree while I was sitting there at the bridge to Parson's Lodge.

Tree in the Door
Sept. 3, 2007

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